SatoshiPay processes €1 million in borderless content payments

Strong partners: Axel Springer, Börsenmedien and Stellar

During 2019 and 2020, both of our strategic partners in the publishing industry supported the acceptance of SatoshiPay as a payment method by running numerous campaigns. These campaigns made parts of the publishers’ subscription content available via micropayments or instant premium passes.

SatoshiPay one-click payment option on Der Aktionär’s paywall

International payments and VAT settlement

Purchases for publishing content were made from almost all countries within the European Union and from abroad. Independent of a user’s country of origin, payments arrived at the publishers’ accounts within seconds, with fees and affiliate share already deducted. VAT is redirected to separate blockchain accounts at the same time. As blockchain natives, we take these sort of real-time split payments almost for granted, but for publishers this removes a large accounting and manual payment processing burden.

Milestones ahead

Processing many thousands of individual payments regardless of device or geographic location has helped us fine-tune our technology stack and make it very scalable for future use cases. One such use case is SatoshiPay B2B, our cross-border money transfer service for businesses.



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