SatoshiPay Management Changes

Meinhard and Alex in 2018


Restructuring Details

Latest SatoshiPayOS screenshot

Alex as new CEO

An ideal moment to restructure

“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead an exceptional team, growing SatoshiPay in the current phase of blockchain adoption. With the new team setup we can follow our vision stronger than ever and I am very much looking forward to bringing blockchain innovation to a wider audience. Everyone should have the opportunity to use and join the disruptive new era of decentralized finance, banking and business in general.”

“SatoshiPay has always been a team effort and I am very fortunate to have brought together such a talented and motivated group of pioneers, thinkers and creators. I fully trust the team to deliver on our mission of connecting the world through instant payments.

It has been an adventure navigating SatoshiPay through an emerging industry, always pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. With Pendulum we are now initiating the development of a novel blockchain — a new chapter for the whole company, which I am excited to be part of in my new role as Chairman of the Board.”

The road ahead



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