SatoshiPay is Streamlining UX with Designer, Daniel Kalman

SatoshiPay helps publishers and news sites monetize their content with small transactions in the form of micropayments. Over the next year, a smoother experience is coming to SatoshiPay with the help of design virtuoso, Daniel Kalman. Daniel is a self-taught UI/UX designer, who has worked with large companies and startups all over the world.

Daniel Kalman, UI/UX designer, SatoshiPay

In his native Hungary, Daniel was one of the first employees at Prezi, a celebrated interactive presentation software straight out of Budapest. When he left Prezi, the company had more than 300 employees. Following that he went to San Francisco where he honed his skills at two startups. In 2017, he returned to Europe.

When asked about adding Daniel to the team, Erasmus Hagen, Product Lead at SatoshiPay, shared:

“Daniel is a great digital product designer with a knack for distilling complex and abstract concepts into their most simple parts and communicate this to those around him.

It was evident during the interview processes and talking to former colleagues that we had found an exceptionally talented designer, hungry to build something big.”

User Experience is Key

When it comes to our overarching goal, Meinhard Benn, CEO of SatoshiPay says the team is focused on making micropayment transactions seamless for publishers and visitors to their news outlets. Explaining the plan and Daniel’s part in it, Meinhard tells us:

“SatoshiPay offers an innovative solution for the online payment space, allowing entirely new ways to turn content into income. Our main focus is reducing “mental transaction costs” to a minimum for consumers and publishers of digital goods of any type. Daniel’s addition to our team helps us build an intuitive user experience to achieve this goal.”

Fine Arts + Digital Artistry

With a background ranging from physical design production (as a sculptor and a blacksmith) to visual arts, Daniel brings nuanced insights into the design process. His hand-drawn image below shows one aspect of his diverse creative background. As a team we’ve noticed his ideas go beyond what you normally see with the digital-only crowd.

One of Daniel’s whimsical hand-drawn images, of tree houses magically connected by looping ribbons.

When it comes to on-the-job experience, Daniel honed much of his skillset working through multiple iterations of design challenges on the Prezi team. Daniel spent more than three years working in a close-knit design team at Prezi on design workflow and user testing. He also has experience as a UX Designer at Linkurious and various Silicon Valley startups.

Before becoming a full time UX Designer, Daniel worked all kinds of design roles including infographic design for Mozilla and working on projects for T-Mobile Hungary, Burger King, Allianz Bank.

Opportunity-Driven Experience

Daniel has a wide educational background in business, math, and design. He calls himself a “serial dropout”, picking up an interest and then finding employment that leads him away from school.

He studied Business and Marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest, Mathematics at Eötvös Loránd University, and industrial design at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. All of these educational forays led him down new avenues as a designer, taking jobs between each field of study to combine both hands-on work experience and formal education. Ultimately, his range of studies has helped him piece together a strong skill set for product design.

Daniel also has contributed volunteering time as a graphic designer for Age of Hope, an organization protecting children from human trafficking and as project leader for a Prezi charity effort rebuilding housing for the Romani Community.

Blockchain Benefits

Daniel sees our vision and is helping us bring it to more consumers and publishers:

“Since the first time I learned about blockchain technology, I saw how it could make our everyday lives easier. SatoshiPay is at the forefront of distributed economies, redefining how people consume content. Our goal is to remove the constant barrage of ads, replacing them with a better experience for consumers, and rich rewards for content creators. This requires a solid UX framework, but more importantly, a seamless connection between consumers and publishers. This is what drives my work at SatoshiPay.”

Bringing User Experience to the Forefront

Since joining SatoshiPay, Daniel’s work is centered on building a strong foundation in user experience. Daniel, along with the SatoshiPay team, is focused on integrating blockchain payments behind the scenes so that publishers and readers can get straight to the benefits of our services.

Meinhard Benn, CEO of SatoshiPay states:

“Daniel is working towards the big-picture goal of SatoshiPay servings as a simple interface for publishers to increase income independent of advertising, allowing consumers get right to the content they want, without distraction. We are very happy to have him on board!”

Out of the Office

Daniel is interested in traveling the world, running, biking, climbing, and kite surfing when he isn’t working at SatoshiPay.

Last summer, Daniel took a solo bike trip totaling 1,900 kilometers from Aix-en-Provence to Budapest.

We appreciate Daniel’s role in bringing an even better look and feel to the SatoshiPay experience and we anticipate more iterations built on his work here so far.

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